National Award Application System


National Health Service Scotland makes financial awards to consultants who provide the highest standards of care. The awards process takes place annually and involves consultants, health boards, specialty bodies (e.g., Royal College of Physicians), and others. Until recently, the awards process has been paper-based and laborious.

Tron Systems designed and implemented a new online system which provides:

  • Greater flexibility to respond to future changes in the awards process
  • Speedier responses and less administrative overhead
  • More consistent submissions by consultants
  • Easy communication of the award process to consultants
  • Simplified administration of the review and decision-making process
  • Ease of reporting
  • Better ability to ensure fairness across specialties and regions
  • Better ability to respond to Freedom of Information requests

Using PHP and Oracle, the system provides a personalised interface for each user, incorporates significant workflow for approvals and meeting processing, and integrates data from back-end systems. Best practice methodologies are used to ensure a secure and robust system. The system is designed to support annual applications from a population of approximately 4000 consultants and has been flexible enough to cope with significant changes to the surrounding infrastructure.