Business Improvements

Tron Systems provides custom web-based applications to help businesses improve in various ways:

  • Streamline business processes to increase efficiency
    Make sure the right information gets to the right people at the moment they need it. Respond to your customers in a consistent and effective manner.
  • Enable employees, customers and suppliers to communicate and collaborate more quickly, simply and effectively
    Improving the way your staff communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues can significantly improve the way your business works. Whether you want to disseminate information quickly or be responsive to the desires of your customers, efficient communication is essential.
  • Improve customer loyalty by giving your customers more control of their interaction with your business
    When your customers are given the opportunity to manage their interactions with you, they are more loyal. Whether it's being able to see their invoice history, to change the frequency of supply, or to request new services, by making it easier for your customers, you improve your business.
  • Focus and maximise your sales efforts through more visible and effective use of business information
    Do you know what your sales people are doing? Are leads quantified and tracked? Are customers being told a consistent story? Are your sales people all aware of all of your sales materials? Are your sales people aware of all intelligence about the customers? If not, we can help.
  • Improve your responsiveness and save staff time by automating manual processes
    If you want to automate your business processes or develop practices which improve business efficiency, we can develop systems to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time. For example, you might want to track calls to a help desk and deliver management reports on performance, or monitor and improve the quality of your production or delivery.
  • Manage and distribute the knowledge contained within your company
    Knowledge is held in the heads of your employees. There is a danger that you will lose that knowledge if they leave. In addition, by locking away that knowledge in the heads of the few, the rest of the company can't make best use of the resources within the company.
  • Empower your employees and enable them to be more productive
    Allow your employees to see the full part they play in the organisation. Allow them to take decisions and act for themselves to make your company more responsive and flexible.
  • Capture the innovative spirit of your employees and manage the development of new products
    Systems to aid innovation can make a big difference to the bottom line. You may wish to encourage and collect ideas from staff for new products. Going further, you might also want systems to assist in deciding which ideas have greatest potential and to help in the process of developing those products.