Why Choose Tron?

Why choose TronTron Systems specialises in providing business solutions, advice and skilled resources to help you make the most of Internet technologies. We aim to be flexible in our approach and are committed to professionalism and technical excellence. We will make every effort to satisfy our customers with the timeliness and quality of service provided.

  • Technical excellence
    We provide computer consultancy and development of custom web and mobile based applications.  We have an in-depth technical knowledge of the integration of web technologies into your business.  Our staff are renowned for their technical competence.  We are committed to having only the most technically competent staff and insist on regular training so that their skills are always up-to-date.  Skills include: Notes application and Domino web-site application development, the integration of Domino and the Internet with existing business systems, and development in PHP, C, C++ and Java. We undertake architecture, design and development of complete systems. We can also help you validate your own design and support you in your own development.
  • Business skills
    Although our staff are primarily technical, we pride ourselves in understanding and being able to discuss business issues. Communication skills, especially listening skills, are a valued element of all of our staff. We will also try to avoid blinding you with technical jargon.
  • Quality
    We are dedicated to customer satisfaction through quality in all that we do. We believe in setting realistic timescales and keeping to them.
  • An excellent track record
    We can point to many satisfied clients with a strong record of projects delivered on time and within budget. These range from micro companies to global multinational clients.
  • Flexibility
    We will try wherever possible to fit in with your ways of working to ensure the minimum disruption to your company. We can work on-site or off-site; with your developers or independently. We can pass on our knowledge to ensure that any developments can be maintained by your own staff.
  • Value for money
    We always aim to deliver value for money and short pay-back times. If we believe we cannot achieve this we will tell you.
  • Impartiality
    We are impartial and objective.  Our breadth of knowledge of the computing industry enables us to give you impartial advice. If we cannot provide the appropriate solution, we will direct you to someone who can.
  • Integrity
    We conduct all our business in an open, honest and professional manner. We will never deliberately mislead you with a quote. We will not sell you a solution if we do not believe it will work for you.
  • Commitment
    We will work with you to assist your long term success. We will always be there when you need us. Any solutions that we implement will be supported from conception to decommissioning (though we hope that won't be too soon!).
  • Listening
    We listen carefully to your needs and are sensitive to your business environment.