Administrator Support

We offer a variety of administration and security services including configuration and administration of mail and application servers, and security review and configuration.

Server Configuration

With years of experience behind us, we are highly capable of installing, configuring or upgrading your IBM Lotus Domino, Internet Information Server, Apache or Tomcat server in a professional manner, paying attention to all security considerations and ensuring that your server has the best start in life. This is particularly useful for installation and configuration tasks which are only done once and can be time-consuming, such as Lotus Notes domain planning, splitting, and merging; configuration of LDAP directory services; mail configuration, remote access strategies, server clustering, and configuration of security, including SSL and certificate authorities.

Administrator Support and Skills Transfer

We can also provide call-off support for administrators in your own organisation. Our easy and flexible call-off arrangements provide a port of call for administrators in medium-sized organisations, who value the advice we can give in the less day-to-day aspects of servers.