Support Contracts


We provide a variety of support arrangements to allow our customers flexibility in choosing the level of support they require. Support can be arranged in a number of ways:

  • Call-off Support
    Occasional support can be arranged on a call-off basis. The minimum advance call-off arrangement is just one day, and support effort is accounted for in increments of 15 minutes. There is no annual support fee, making it cost-effective for small and medium-sized companies. Such support is provided on a best-endeavours basis. Whilst we are normally available when you need help, we make no guarantee of availability for such support. Many of our customers like to have such a support arrangement with us to provide a port of call when they need occasional help.
  • Annual Maintenance Agreement
    If you require regular support, an annual support fee may be more appropriate for you. This guarantees that someone will be available as agreed to deal with issues that arise. We can support your entire set of Notes/Domino and Java web applications. Having just one company support your applications can mean less time dealing with suppliers and fewer quibbles about responsibilities.
  • Service Level Agreement
    Some of our customers require more formal support, particularly if the systems we are supporting are critical to their business. A Service Level Agreement can be arranged to define the level of support response required for systems of different priorities. This also provides a mechanism for formal escalation of support issues.

We normally provide support cover between 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

Note that the support we offer is second-line application support only. We do not normally provide support for hardware, networks or packaged software, or provide direct end-user assistance.