Your company would be unusual if it did not have some form of legacy data or different systems which need to communicate. If you need help in integrating enterprise data including SQL databases, ERP systems, and desktop software, we have plenty of experience you can draw on.

Data Integration

Many business applications require links to enterprise databases held in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 or other database server platforms. Tron Systems have experience of integrating applications with a large number of these database systems through building solutions which either connect directly to the data source or employ data synchronisation techniques.

Application Integration


Since its arrival in 1995 Java has become a crucial and established language on the Internet. Tron Systems have been working with Java since 1996 and can help you get the most from this technology. Tron Systems particularly make use of Java to undertake integration, including development of servlets. Servlets run on the server inside a servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat). They tend to be used to deliver specific functionality and are often used in high throughput situations. The client application is normally a web browser which does not need to run Java itself. We also use Java occasionally for applets and Java Server Pages (JSP).

Web Services

Web services have now matured into a key integration tool for building solutions based on a service-oriented distributed application architecture. Web Services are based on open standards, and can be used to integrate applications provided by a variety of vendors and server platforms.

However, they can be complex to build and deploy, requiring understanding of the roles played by a number of different technologies, including XML, SOAP, and WSDL. With our extensive knowledge of these technologies, Tron Systems can help you build or consume web service. We can builds these services using a number of languages including Java, LotusScript, PHP and C.

Most importantly, we can advise you when these technologies could benefit you and how to go about using them. We can provide the expertise to help you:

  • develop a web service interface
    If you provide information to your clients then the addition of a web service interface may enable you to provide your clients with a valuable service by allowing them to integrate the information you provide directly into their systems. If you use a supplier who provides web services interfaces to their applications (for example, Amazon), you may get benefit from incorporating these services within your applications. We can develop web services for use in portals for users or to integrate back-end systems.
  • prepare your Domino applications for integration into a portal environment
    Domino applications can be integrated into a portal environment if they are written in a way that allows the code to be used by web technologies. We can help modify your existing applications to allow them to participate fully in a portal environment by allowing them to be called as web services. If you have Lotus Domino and wish to integrate your applications within a J2EE environment, then we have significant expertise you will find useful. We can convert your existing applications to a format which makes them reusable as web services. We can also develop consumer web services interfaces on a variety of platforms.

Authentication Integration

Tron Systems have experience of integrating with both standards-based and proprietary authentication servers to provide security for applications and data. The LDAP protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is the most widespread standard for Directory Services, and is supported by Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Directory Server and many others. An LDAP directory can be used for authentication with IBM Websphere, IBM Notes and Domino, Apache Tomcat and many other server platforms.

Many of our case studies include an element of integration. If you think you need similar help, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.