IBM Domino and XPages

If you are looking for expertise in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino development, then look no further! At Tron Systems, Notes and Domino development is core to our activities and we have all the skills you might need. As an IBM Business Partner, we have access to all the latest information and are always up-to-date with the latest developments.

  • IBM Certified Advanced Application Developers in all current versions of Lotus Notes
  • significant breadth and depth of expertise (stretching since version 2.1 in 1992)
  • significant experience with IBM XPages

Where we can help

Lotus Domino 8.5 and 9 offer a rich web development environment. We can help you make the most of Domino. Use us to:

  • plan large system architectures
  • provide development expertise for your projects
  • develop complex multi-database multi-author systems for Internet, intranet and extranet use
  • make your existing applications work as smoothly with web browser clients as with the Lotus Notes client
  • convert your existing applications to XPages to create Web 2.0 user experiences in your existing Notes applications!
  • deliver powerful, compelling XPages applications
  • integrate existing Domino applications within a J2EE environment using web services

We also have a reputation for being able to solve the most complex system integration problems. Our experience includes:

  • development of back-end server add-ins, agents and servlets for automation of workflow, document distribution and information filtering
  • use of the XPages Extension Library to link Domino XPages web pages to data in back-end relational databases
  • development of web services in Domino
  • development of client add-ons that extend the capabilities, for example, business specific graphical data representation
  • development of DSAPI (Domino Web Server API) filters for a variety of purposes such as custom authentication, custom logging or changing incoming requests or outgoing responses
  • integration of Lotus Notes and Domino with a variety of systems, including relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2
  • integration of Lotus Notes with client software such as Microsoft Project

In all our development work the emphasis is always on simplicity, ease of use, and future reuse and maintainability while delivering real business benefit through cost-effective development methods. Our services include project management of application development projects and assistance with national and international rollout of applications. In addition, our Domino system administration and security support services give you the peace of mind that everything is configured correctly.

Our range of skills will be particularly interesting to larger companies with significant technical requirements. We are used to dealing with such companies and are flexible about fitting in with your IT procedures and working with your own developers and administrators. Extensive experience with a number of multinational companies allows us to offer the benefit of insights gained through working with Notes on a global basis, including domains with over 100,000 users and hundreds of servers.

Some of our case studies involve IBM Domino and XPages. If you think you need similar help, please contact us to discuss your development needs. We are happy to help.