We develop web-based systems using Apache, PHP, and relational databases including MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle on Windows and Linux platforms.

PHP is one of the most widely used tools on the Internet today, and one that is especially suited for Web development. It is well known for its ease of use, which allows applications to be created rapidly. However, it also has impressive capabilities in server-side integration and has a huge library of utilities to ensure that your project can get off to a fast start.

Although PHP is a rapid application development tool, Tron Systems believe in using the same professional approach that we would use for any tool to ensure that any PHP developments we undertake are well-structured, maintainable and highly functional.  We always use a number of tiers in our application development to ensure that the database, presentation, and application logic are separated as far as possible to ensure that any application is easily maintained and that components can be reused. We use application frameworks to provide a raft of fast-start tools in a mature and reliable package to ensure the fastest possible high-quality developments.

We can help, whether you're looking to use PHP for client or server side development, integration with relational databases or other systems, or looking to create or consume web services. We also use mobile app development technologies to extend systems beyond standard desktop use.

We are happy to build on your existing infrastructure and to discuss whether PHP is a suitable tool for you to use in your next project.

Some of our case studies involve PHP. If you think you need similar help, please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.